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By downloading* this application you will …

  1. provide a meal for someone in need through the United Nations World Food Programme;

  2. pledge to go vegetarian for 45 days - 135 meals1 - over the course of the next year.
    You keep track of your whether you go vegetarian or full vegetarian (aka vegan). If vegetarian is too easy, pledge to go full vegetarian; if 45 days is too easy, complete two pledges, etc.
  3. show you are disciplined, compassionate, and thoughtful in taking measurable action towards an improved and more healthy existence for everything.

Why the World Food Programme?

The World Food Programme (WFP) is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. In 2009, WFP experienced a funding shortfall of nearly $3Billion USD, roughly half its annual budget for the year.

Click here to make a donation to the World Food Programme.

(Another budget shortfall is estimated for 2010-20113)

Why 45?

"45" represent the lowest number of days that most livestock spend on feedlots, per year, before making their way to our plates. By choosing to eat vegetarian you honor their time and sacrifice as well as the valuable energy and resources used in the process.

By one estimate2, over 93.7% of the world’s meat and dairy products destined for human consumption come from CAFOs, facilities that house and feed a large number of animals in a confined area for 45 days or more during any 12-month period.

It is Café Cafo’s conviction that the most immediate and instant action we all can take to positively effect homo sapiens’ health and that of planet Earth’s health is to lower our consumption of meat and dairy products. It is fact that these operations are unsafe, resource intensive, and environmentally destructive, not to mention resolutely barbaric.

*No iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?

No problem. Click here to download a business card size Pledge 45 tracker. Just fill in the dots!

Upon Completion !

1 As predicate, this application assumes three meals a day, even though it is
widely known that over one billion homo sapiens are not being granted such access.
2 Estimate provided by the Secretary-General to Café Cafo.
3 Estimate provided by the Secretary-General to Café Cafo.

Thank you, and may great love, health, inspiration, and energy bless all.


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